Empowering and preparing you for a calm, positive birth

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I am passionate about empowering and supporting women to have safe, calm births
— Michelle

A calm, positive Birth


Group and Private Hypnobirthing classes in Poole & Broadstone area in Dorset.

Birth is a life changing experience and affects the physical and mental health of mother, baby and family. Over the years I have seen the benefit to families when women have positive, calm births. A positive birth experience is empowering and enables parents to become strong, confident and capable carers of their babies. A woman's body knows how to breathe, to digest her food, to get pregnant and grow her baby and it also knows how to birth her baby. Surrounded by love and support she can birth easily and calmly.


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October 12th 2019


Broadstone, Dorset.


About Me

I qualified as a midwife after having my daughter and son. I worked as an Independent Midwife from 2000 until recently, suppporting women to have the births of their choice and providing childbirth education to help women prepare for birth and parenthood. I now balance working as a lecturer in midwifery with delivering childbirth preparation classes using the Calm Births Course. Over the years I have seen the benefit to families when women have positive, calm births


The Course


This course has been designed to give you the best available information which will teach you how birth works, what helps and what hinders your body. You will learn about the vital importance of creating calm in your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Hypnotherapy techniques will support you and help you achieve the calm birth you dream of. For answers to common questions about Hypnobirthing please go to the FAQs section, and click below to find out more about the course.


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